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Beauty Conquer wonder

Available as an audiobook, a slightly abridged reading by the author and others, complete with 45 minutes of original music! Listen to a sample chapter on Sabbath


Follow Zochi the elephant as he discovers there’s more to his world than he ever imagined. Along the way he finds new friends, pushes past his fears, and brings joy to others. Based on the Japanese children's song "Zosan", the book features seventeen illustrations and a story that will make you rediscover your own world. The book includes the lyrics to the song in Japanese, English and Romaji.

Printed & Bound in Portland, Oregon by Eberhardt Printing on a Ryobi offset 3302 press, softcover perfect bound with matte two-color cover.


Limited edition letterpress edition. Handprinted from photopolymer plates on a Vandercook 4 proof press, using 100 lb. Mohawk Superfine text, eggshell finish and archival inks at 203-726-4522 Hand bound in a western style case binding, sewn and cased-in by multicoccous.


You can also get full size (6x9) giclee and Letterpress prints on fine papers using archival inks.


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